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Trimble County School District TCSO Resources Officers Program

Having a School Resource Officer in a school does not mean that the school is unsafe.  It does mean that the community is taking a positive and proactive step toward creating an orderly, safe and secure environment in the schools for our children.

The role of the SRO differs depending on the needs of the school, however it is our intent for the SRO program to remain as consistent as possible. The SRO receives specialized training through the Department of Criminal Justice Training Center in Richmond, Kentucky.

Your school administrators will work with the Trimble County Sheriff’s Office to design a program that is right for students. We encourage you to contact those administrators or your SRO with any questions or comments. The School Resources Officer program is a nationally accepted program that places Law Enforcement Officers in Schools. 

MISSION: To develop a partnership between the law enforcement and public school communities that provides a safe environment in which teachers, students, parents and the community can fulfill the mission and goals of the school district.

VISION: The SROs will promote a safe learning environment and act as an educational resource. Their partnerships will enhance problem solving capabilities and increase crime prevention, thereby reducing the incidence and fear of crime in schools.


  • To assist in the development and implementation of safety measures.
  • To assist in the identification of children at risk and develop strategies of prevention and intervention. 
  • To provide educational instruction on youth related topics. 
  • To provide mentoring and intervention resources for the students. 
  • To be a member of the faculty and administration team working in partnership to solve problems in the school community.                                                        

CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION: The SRO will be available to speak to students about many issues affecting the youth of today. 

CAMPUS SAFETY: The safety aspect of the SRO program aims to make schools safer, thereby fostering better learning environments.  An SRO works with school administrators, teachers, parents and students to establish and maintain security procedures that emphasize safety and crime prevention; Emergency operations-Crime prevention and response-Security plans and protocols-Security supervision-Environment and design review.

MENTORING: SROs interact and work with students, parents, teachers and administrators during the school day, and may participate in school related extra curricular activitiesInformal interaction also provides a good opportunity to reinforce reinforce the lessons or answer the questions that the students were afriad to ask in front of a group. The program promotes youth/police interaction, trust and communications, and the students often share crucial school safety information with the officer.

* Information interaction

* Student activities

* Formal mentoring programs. 

Your SRO is; Deputy Tom Starks - Phone, 502-255-7107

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