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Sheriffs Past & Present; Office History

The Sheriffs: In the past 76 years the Trimble County Sheriff’s Office has been lead by many different men. All of these men have been dedicated to the job and worked everyday to provide a safe place for the citizens of Trimble County to live and work.
Our present Sheriff, Sheriff Charles Kelton was recently appointed to serve out the remaining 22 months of Sheriff Tim Coons who passed away March 8, 2017. Sheriff Kelton was previously with the Kentucky State Police serving as the Adminstrative Sergeant of Post 5.

Sheriff Tim Coons had held office for 14 years (2003-2017) and he was in the middle of his fourth term when he found out that he had cancer. Tim fought hard for 9 months but the cancer won the battle March 8, 2017

Retiring in 2002, Sheriff Denny Long served Trimble County as Sheriff for a 8 years (1994-2002), having worked for the Sheriff’s Office for a total of twenty years from 1982 to 2002. Sheriff Long served as Deputy and Chief Deputy for Sheriff Howard Long before taking office.

Sheriff Howard Long was an intricate part of Law Enforcement for 29 years. Howard served as Deputy and Sheriff, serving as Sheriff 3 different times totaling 16 years. Howard last served as Sheriff 1982 to 1993. 

Sheriff David Craig served as Trimble County Sheriff twice for a total of 8 years. Sheriff Craig held office 1970 to 1973 and again 1978 to 1981. 

Curtis Clem served as Sheriff 1962 to 1965.

Sheriff Clifford Pyles was Sheriff for two 4 year terms (1942-1945 and 1958-1961) and served as a Deputy as well.

Sheriff Clarence Egerton was Sheriff for two separate 4 year terms (1946-1949 and 1954-1957). During the four years between terms Sheriff Egerton’s son Edward Egerton was elected as Sheriff 1950 to 1953 for one 4 year term. 

During the four year’s 1938 to 1941 the Sheriff’s Office was lead by Sheriff Carroll Miles who was elected to one term.

W. Raymond Sanders was elected to and served as Sheriff of Trimble County from 1934 to 1937.

These ten men have served the County as Sheriff from 1934 until now. A father was followed by son, brother followed by brother and in some cases some of these men served, left office, and returned years later to the job. Why? Because it has never just been a job, it is a calling that brings with it a very real commitment to service

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